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Location​​​​​​: Mustique Island

St Vincent & the Grenadines


As much fun as it is living on a palm fringed island, sipping on long drinks, watching the sun go down there are other things to be done, you can see some of the selection of activities undertaken most weeks.

Not all happen here on the island but there is a huge amount of things to do, swimming, biking, running, coasteering, Spartan challenges etc. if you would like to get involved, or just get to know the island and some of the "off the beaten track" areas, drop me a line or call of 8300.

Trail running on the island

Here on the island we have some incredible trails to run, from woods and bush to wild open coast lines, plenty of hills and great undulations.

Please remember that it's hot here and you must carry an adequate amount of water and make sure you let someone know where you will be running and what time you will be back.

If you want to run with someone or to be shown some of the trails please feel free to contact me.

Spartan and mudders


Just because your on vacation dose'nt mean training stops  .  .  .  .  there are great trails, and several locations around the North end of the island that have Spartan training equipment, Atlas balls, Hercules lift and some rope climbs.

Sand bag carry has to be one of my fave's and any of the climbing frames, lots to do and see here.

MTB Rides


On the road or off the road the choices are there, we have some really nice rolling on the roads around the airport, if you want something a little more adventurous then there are several new trails around the island the West East coast ride is 


Fitness training HIT


If you're interested in HIT training these are many different versions out there I have to admit that I like a lot of the Beach Body Inc. videos such as Shaun T insanity or T25, the Asylum if your feeling very hard core.

If your your looking for guidance let me know.

Strenuous Snorkel Swim


Each week we hold the Strenuous snorkel swim from the Cotton House Jetty to Basil's bar, it's just over a mile, lots to look at and with some luck I'm sure we will see a turtle or two on the way, how strenuous? well that's up to you, feel free to set the pace and we can swim as a team if you want to.

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